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Join us as we democratize the wine industry to make wine accessible to all. Work with Vinebase to grow your wine sales in a simple and easy way!

How It Works

Build your brand and easily fulfill orders with our powerful marketing platform.

Share your history and list your wines on Vinebase.
Tell us about your story, wines, and what makes you unique! Define your pricing and available shipping location(s).
Customers shop and purchase wines in one simple, unified shopping cart.
Wine lovers can purchase wines across different wineries on Vinebase. We funnel the orders to the respective wineries and push an order notification when you receive an order.
Ship your products to customers and complete the order!
Vinebase provides you with the order and customer information to fulfill shipments, just like you would in your existing DTC logistics!

Simple, Secure, and Compliant

We do the heavy lifting so you can do what you do best - make great wine!

Zero-percent listing fee
You can list your wines on Vinebase, free of charge. We want to help your brand get discovered.
Icons/price tag
Transparent fees based on sales
Vinebase charges a small commission and a standard payment processing fee per customer purchase to ensure that everyone can harvest more grapes!
Icons/credit card
Secure payments with Stripe
Vinebase uses Stripe to process payments. If you don’t have a Stripe account, no worries! You will create/link your Stripe account when you join Vinebase.
Full compliance
We’ve got you covered. Vinebase verifies your DTC shipping licenses and state tax law. Customers can only purchase wines when you are able to ship to them.

Partners with the best in class.

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Ready to get started?

Vinebase has the tools for every stage of your business‘s growth! Whether you just launched your label or have a business for over 15 years, we’re here to help.

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“As a small wine label, it’s challenging for us to grow consistently and connect with our customer base. Vinebase completely changes the game by doing exactly that. We’re so excited to launch on this marketplace and reach new customers online.”

Madison Hawkinson Ranch Road Winery
Madison Hawkinson
Ranch Road Vineyards

Frequently Asked Questions

What can wineries sell on Vinebase?
Bundle deals, individual wines, and branded merchandise (coming soon!).
How does Vinebase ensure shipping compliance across the states?
We ensure throughout the platform that only customers in the states you can ship to are able to purchase your wines.
How does Vinebase notify wineries when a customer purchases their wine(s)?
You will receive an email notification from Vinebase and a notification in your Winery Admin Dashboard that you have received a new order.
How do I manage orders in Vinebase?
You can view and manage your orders in your own Winery Admin Dashboard.
Does Vinebase hold any wines?
Nope! We funnel the orders to each winery to fulfill and ship, just like you would in your existing DTC logistics.
What is the Vinebase Shipping and Return policy?
We are here to work with you! Read about our Shipping and Return Policy.
Join some of the most well respected producers across the states. Here are just a few:
Crossroads by Rudd
Fisher Vineyards
Summit Vine
AJA Vineyards

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